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Hi everyone. I'm 19 years old.This blog is about all the stuff I like. I enjoy working out, shopping, eating healthy, make up and all the girly girl stuff.

Furthermore I am trying to lose approximately 10 pounds so if you want to support me throughout this journey, follow me and ask questions, I will support you too :)

Height = 5"2
Highest weight = 61kg / 134 lbs
Current weight = 50.8kg / 112 lbs
Lowest weight = 49kg / 108lbs
Goal weight 1 = 49kg/ 108lbs
Goal weight 2 = 47kg/ 103lbs
Ultimate goal weight = 45.5kg/100 lbs
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    I love the combination of purple and golden, its very sassy and youthful. must have #pants #purple
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